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president obama has quit, though not his day job. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> we're following a high stakes stand-off thousands of miles from where we are. here's what's going on. the crowds in the main square in cairo just got bigger again today. they say they will leave when president hosni mubarak leaves. the problem is, mubarak's new number two says the regime isn't going to end. mubarak isn't going anywhere for a while. and he said tonight egypt can't put up with these protests for a long time. at stake, control of egypt. the future of that country and both sides are well aware of that. again tonight we go first to our chief foreign correspondent richard engel in cairo. richard, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. this stand-off could be heading back to a confrontation. tonight the government put down a marker, it said it can't tolerate indefinite demonstration, but the protests are getting bigger. crowds in tahrir square swelled to hundreds of thousands again, the biggest in days. their demand remains unchanged. the cr
and took urgent notice. as president obama put it today, egypt will never be the same. cairo is still roiling with excitement and celebration where our chief foreign correspondent, richard engel, again begins our coverage. richard, what a day and good evening. >> reporter: good evening. there are still people out in the streets. they are cheering. they are saying "with our souls, with our blood, we sacrificed for egypt." and they believe with this popular uprising, that is exactly what they have done. the people have risen up and toppled a police state. it was supposed to be a day of defiance. after friday prayers, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators gathered in tahrir square. they had a message for president mubarak. no compromise. they would not accept mubarak's plan to remain in office while transferring authority to his vice president. but by mid-morning the army seemed to be backing mubarak saying it would guarantee his promises of reform would be carried out, and sending a message. the army would make sure people got democracy, but now go home. but the demonstrators didn't gi
about the first family today. up next after a break, why the obamas, like a lot of other parents, have made one very popular place off limits for their two girls. >>> the winter of our discontent continues tonight with texas, oklahoma, kansas, arkansas, right there in the middle of it. up to two feet of snow have fallen in the region today. parts of oklahoma, like tulsa town, have set all-time records for snowfall. temperatures are 25 degrees below normal. schools, airports, government offices, businesses all closed and blowing snow made driving absolutely impossible in some places. and remember these are a lot of places not used to conditions like this. >>> last night we told you about a new revelation from first lady michelle obama. she said and with certainty really for the first time her husband, the president, has quit smoking. well, this morning in an interview with matt lauer here on the "today" show, the first lady revealed there's still no facebook in their household for the obama girls. >> sasha and malia, are they on facebook? >> no. >> is that because of who they are or bec
with a picture of president george bush, president barack obama, president george washington. and before she was asked a question, she picked up the card and said -- held it up and said george bush. so, you know, she's a hard worker and she's trying and she's speaking a lot and at some level they're even asking her to slow down a little bit. >> that's been an extraordinary recovery. all the brain experts, brain injury experts say that no two are alike. they have been compared to snowflakes in their uniqueness. there was no road map for you to follow regarding her recovery. and i guess this is just going to be the pace of her recovery? >> that is true. i was on the phone with gabrielle's neurosurgeon, dr. don kim, and he reiterated to me that she is on this lightning fast trajectory, so he's incredibly optimistic about the slope of the curve has a lot to do with how far you're going to get, and she's proceeding very rapidly. >> and i keep hearing, captain, that the congresswoman, your wife's appearance, is resuming to normal. it's coming back so that a glint in her eye that you would recogniz
ahmadinejad today called the protests a western conspiracy. in washington, president obama sided with the demonstrators and accused iran of hypocrisy. >> i find it ironic you have the iranian regime pretending to celebrate what happened in egypt, when, in fact, they have acted in direct contrast to what happened to egypt by gunning down and beating a people who were trying to express themselves peacefully in iran. >> reporter: but it's not just iran. revolts are spreading across the region, including to u.s. allies. in bahrain, base of the u.s. navy's fifth fleet, protesters clashed with security forces for a second day. two demonstrators have been killed, including one shot at a funeral. the king of bahrain said he would investigate the shootings. bahrain has already promised to pay every family in the country $3,000. a gift from the kingdom. yemen, a poor country on the tip of the arabian peninsula can't afford such beneficence. small but relatively violent protests continued in yemen for a fifth day today. like in egypt, yemen's demonstrators want to topple their president of
headquarters today, it said that president obama must choose between the libyan people or gadhafi. brian. >> richard engel in the city of benghazi in libya tonight. richard, thank you. gadhafi's son said further tonight, by the way, tripoli is calm and this is all the work of terrorists. >>> back here in the u.s., the white house turned up pressure on libya today and there was an extraordinary scene at the u.n. late today. nbc's chief foreign affairs correspondent, andrea mitchell, watching it all from our washington newsroom tonight. andrea, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. as soon as american diplomats and civilians were safely out of libya, the white house announced it will impose sanctions on moammar gadhafi and declared he has zero legitimacy after attacking his own people. galvanized by the blood shed, the u.n. security council heard a dramatic plea for help from libya's ambassador. >> please, united nations, save libya. not blood shed, not killing of innocents. >> reporter: it was a rare display of emotion for the u.n. as his fellow ambassadors got up to embrace the
, cairo. >> the obama administration put new pressure on egypt today to move quickly toward democratic reforms. nbc's mike viqueira has more at the white house. good evening to you. >> reporter: good evening, lester. the president spent part of his day on the phone and getting an update from the staff in egypt. at a previously scheduled summit of world leaders in germany, today secretary of state, clinton publicly embraced the transition process headed by the newly installed vice president, omar seoul omar seouleiman warned things m derail reform. >> concrete steps that people who are engaged in it can believe is moving toward and outcome that will permit an orderly establishment of the elections that are scheduled for september. and that takes some time. >> reporter: but who would lead egypt during that time? while president obama and other u.s. officials have not publicly called for mubarak to step down before september elections, in recent days they have left little doubt that they think he should soon. >> the key question he should be asking himself is, how can i leave a legacy beh
in that country. >>> president obama sends congress his 2012 budget plan tomorrow. a proposal that includes more than $1 trillion in cuts. that may sound like a lot but republicans are saying it falls short. nbc's mike viqueira is at the white house to tell us more about this. mike, good evening. >> reporter: good evening. there's been a bipartisan calm over the capital since last year and lasting through the crisis in egypt. but with big budget and spending fights looming next week, all that is about to change. even as the obama budget was being readied for release this weekend the president warned it will reveal some painful choices on spending. >> it cuts what we can't afford to pay for what we cannot do without. that's what families do in hard times. and that's what our country has to do as well. >> reporter: today, top officials said the plan will put a dent in now record debt and deficits. >> we have a responsible budget that will cut in half the deficit by the end of the president's first term. >> reporter: the plan would freeze domestic spending for five years, slash $78 billion of milit
and national landmarks. now, with the economy still fragile, president obama is warning this time could be worse. >> be destabilizing at a time when i think everybody is hopeful that we can start growing this economy quicker. >> reporter: but with debt and deficits at record levels, this time, republicans think the public is behind them. >> look, we are not looking for a government shutdown, but at the same time, we are also not looking at rubber-stamping these really high elevated spending levels that congress blew through the joint two years ago. >> reporter: lester this could be the battle in a year-long fight over spending. the government is expected to exceed its statutory debt limit of $14.3 trillion, in about two months and republicans say they wouldn't vote to raise it unless there are bigger cuts in spending. lester? >> mike viqueira, thanks. for more on this i want to bring in john harwood, chief washington correspondent for cnbc. john, republicans say slashing the budget was the mandate voters gave them in november and we heard they are not going to agree to even a temporary
, this nation pays a heavy price. ron allen, nbc news, cairo. >> the obama administration put into pressure on egypt today to come up with new reforms good ev evening to you. >> reporter: good evening. the president except part of his day on the phone and getting an update from the staff in egypt. at a prevyutly scheduled summit in germany, today secretary of state, clinton, addressed the progress and she warned that elements within egypt may try to derail reform. >> concrete steps that people who are engaged in it can believe is moving toward and outcome that will permit an orderly establishment of the elections that are scheduled for september. and that takes some time. >> reporter: but who would lead egypt during that time? while president obama and other u.s. officials have not publicly called for president mubarak to step down, in recent days they have left little doubt about it. >> he should be asking himself, how do i leave a legacy behind in which egypt is able to get through this transformative period. and i hope that he will end up making the right decision. >> reporter: today fra
about the first family today. up next after a break, why the obamas, like many other parents, have -- made one very popular place off limits for their two kids. i like to make my own investment decisions. excuse me, what is that? oh, i'm a fidelity customer. okay, but what does it do? well, it gets me the tools and research i need to help me make informed decisions. with fidelity, i can invest in stocks, bonds, all at a great price. wow. yeah, wow. ♪ [ male announcer ] fidelity investments. turn here. it's your fault. naturally blame the mucus. [ mucus ] try new advil congestion relief. it treats the real problem. reducing swelling due to nasal inflammation. new advil congestion relief. >>> the winner of our discontent continues tonight with texas, oklahoma, kansas, arkansas, right there in the middle of it. up to two feet of snow have fallen in the region today. parts of oklahoma have set all-time records for snowfall. temperatures are 25 degrees below normal. schools, airports, government offices, businesses all closed and blowing snow made driving absolutely impossible in some
and a call from president obama to the royal family. today the government posture was different. in the morning, the army pulled out of the city. protesters gathered at the edge of the square in a standoff with police. but this afternoon, the police also pulled back. the crowds suddenly rushed forward. men and women carrying flowers. it is rare for women to be out protesting here. now they are saying this is peaceful. thousands reached the square. their cries and shouts were emoti emotional. but the message was of peace. some men dropped to the ground in tears. their arrival a highly symbolic victory. and now the protesters tell us they are ready to negotiate. >> i don't know what is wrong with us. everywhere in the world why not piece with us? >> reporter: the crowned prince who ordered the security forces to withdraw said the time has come for dialogue. libya continues to take a hard line. human rights groups say dozens have been killed in the last three days. today 16 died when security forces fired on crowds of mourners. there are reports of defectses in the army and that li
be seeing an arab movement here. >> thanks for joining us. appreciate it. >>> president obama is welcoming the egyptian military's announcement of a democratic transition and its commitment to honor the peace treaty with israel. today mr. obama spoke with british prime minister david cameron, king abdullah of jordan, and the prime minister of turkey, emphasizing that democracy will bring more, not less, stability to the region. >>> and this country's top military officer left for the middle east today. admiral mike mullen, chairman of the joint chiefs, will meet with jordan's king abdullah and prime minister benjamin netanyahu of israel to reassure them of u.s. support. >>> and a program note. david gregory will have much more on the revolution in egypt tomorrow on "meet the press," and as congress prepares to take on major legislation, a sunday exclusive with house speaker john boehner. that's tomorrow morning here on nbc. >>> when "nightly news" continues this saturday evening, a deadly explosion raises new questions about the safety of america's gas pipelines. we'll be right back. >>> t
, thanks. >>> president obama has publicly condemned the violence in libya, but the problem for the u.s. and other countries continues to be the inability to shape events while watching these events unfold. our chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell has more on this from our d.c. newsroom this evening. >> good evening, brian. the president talked to the leaders of france, great britain and italy today trying to organize a united front against gadhafi. tomorrow nato will meet and discuss among other options a no-fly zone. i'm told that is a very remote possibility, difficult to implement. the u.n. will likely vote next week to suspend libya from the human rights council and could launch investigations that could eventually go to the international criminal court. the europeans have voted to take steps toward tougher sanctions and arms embargo and president obama can take similar steps by executive order. but will any of this impress gadhafi who is described by experts and you heard richard engel as both confrontational and delusional. so officials say it is possible that no
, thanks so much. >>> president obama is weighing in tonight on events in egypt. nbc's mike viqueira has the latest from the white house for us. mike? >> reporter: good evening, lester it has become something of a tradition for the network airing the super bowl to conduct a pregame interview with the president, late today, the president sat down with fox's bill o'reilly, where the subject quickly turned to egypt. and though he has come close in recent days, mr. obama is still not publicly calling for mr. mubarak to immediately step down. >> egypt is not going to go back to what it was. the egyptian people want freedom. they want free and fair elections. they want a representative government. they want a responsive government. and so what we've said is you have to start a transition now. mubarak's already decided he is not running for re-election again. his term is up this year. what we've said is let's make sure you get all the groups together in egypt, let the egyptian people make a determination, what's the process for an orderly transition, but one that is a meaningful transition and
to investigate possible gadhafi war crimes, including the killing of his own citizens. sent by president obama to consult allies in europe, today, secretary of state hillary clinton said the u.s. is reaching out to libyans trying to organize in cities now held by anti-gadhafi forces. and is ready and prepared to offer any kind of assistance to a post-gadhafi government. this weekend, president obama, for the first time, publicly called for gadhafi's ouster. while backing that call, today, republican john mccain said the u.s. needs to go further. >> we could impose and could have imposed a no-fly zone. they would have stopped flying if that had been imposed. they are using air power and helicopters to continue these massacres. >> reporter: and lester, another senator, independent joe lieberman, says the united states government should recognize those opposition leaders in benghazi as the legitimate libyan government and arm them. and meanwhile, consultations will continue this week at the white house. the president meets tomorrow with ban ki-moon, the u.n. secretary-general. lester? >> mike viq
to turn them into a budget that president obama and the republicans can agree on. kelly o'donnell, our capitol hill correspondent, with us from the hill tonight. kelly, good evening. >> reporter: hi there, brian. well, the temperature was really turned up here today with talk about the chance of a government shutdown. you've got leaders from both parties digging in over how deep and how painful budget cuts need to be. with government spending on the chopping block -- >> when we say we're going to cut spending, read my lips. we're going to cut spending. >> reporter: that provoked the senate's top democrat to accuse speaker boehner of being reckless enough to trigger a government shutdown. >> and now he's resorting to threats to do just that, without any negotiations. that is not permissible. we will not stand for that. he's wrong. >> reporter: if congress can't agree on cuts soon, the government is scheduled to run out of money to pay its bills in two weeks. but some republicans predicted a more dire fate. >> if we're not careful, the united states will follow the roman empire. >> repor
that president obama wants to flood the zone. increase international pressure on mubarak. vice president biden has now called egypt's vice president urging restraint. other world leaders calling mubarak include russia's dmitry medvedev and germany. they believe the military holds the key to persuading mubarak to give up power. what would come next? experts have told the administration the muslim brotherhood has to be part of any political coalition and that the united states should even reach out to them now. the administration says it will not. even though some elements in the brotherhood have pledged to preserve the peace treaty with israel. the big fear is that continued chaos would open the door to al qaeda which had its roots in egypt. there are reports egypt's army has increased its patrols along its borders. also today at an intelligence committee hearing, an official testified the white house had been warned late last year of instability in egypt but couldn't pinpoint what trigger might topple the regime, brian. >> all new territory for everyone involved. of andrea mitchell in our d.c.
. at least 50 people were injured, sparking international condemnation and a call from president obama to bahrain's royal family. today the government's posture was radically different. in the morning, the army pulled out of the city, protesters gathered at the edge of pearl square in a stand-off with police. but this afternoon, the police also pulled back. the crowd suddenly rushed forward. men and women carrying flowers. >> it's extremely rare for women to be out protesting here in bahrain. now they're saying, this is peaceful and they want the public to leave. thousands gathered. their shouts and cries were emotional. the message was of peace. some men dropped to the ground in tears. their arrival a highly symbolic victory. and now the protesters tell us they're ready to negotiate. >> i don't know what's wrong with us. there's peace everywhere in the world, why not with us. >> reporter: bahrain ordered the security forces to withdraw. it's time for dialogue. not all arab leaders seem interested in compromise. libya continues to take a hardline. dozens have been killed in the last th
: good evening, brian. the obama administration is toughening its message to president mubarak, but this is an awkward diplomatic straddle, trying to support the protesters without undermining other arab leaders, fearful that they could be next. as the protests grow, so does the white house pressure on mubarak. without calling for egypt's leader to step down, the message is clear. >> i do believe orderly transition means change. what they have advocated from the very beginning is that the way egypt looks and operates must change. >> reporter: the u.s. wants mubarak to negotiate with opposition groups, cancel a 1981 law outlawing political organizations, guarantee that presidential elections are free and fair, and free political prisoners. a message the president delivered to mubarak himself and is now being reinforced by a veteran retired diplomat, former ambassador to egypt, frank wisner. >> we have asked him to add his perspective to our analysis on current developments. he has traveled to cairo, is on the ground now. >> reporter: it is a delicate dance. at a white house meet
from president obama, he's expected to address the cameras any minute now. he spoke to hosni mubarak for about a half hour. after mubarak made that speech, the president met with his national security team on this egypt issue for more than an hour today. they watched the speech from inside the situation room. and we've learned that frank wisner, who's a veteran diplo t diplomat, retired was dispatched by the obama administration to speak to mubarak and did speak to him on monday. the message from president obama was don't run for re-election in september. that is exactly what mubarak said today. it does not seem to make the protesters happy. we expect to hear from the president any moment now, brian. >> savannah guthrie, continuing to watch things at the white house. savannah, thanks. one man getting a lot of media attention since he has come forward as a kind of compromise candidate. a man who could lead the various factions here is dr. mohammed el baradei. he's lived many of the past years in other countries. he's back here, he reacted tonight. i talked to him by telephone to this
with allies and partners, and we will proceed with this active consideration. >> reporter: president obama met today with u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon. but moammar gadhafi shows no sign of stepping down, even denying today that the rebellion is real. in comments to the bbc and abc. >> they love me, all my people, they love me all. they will die to protect me, my people. >> reporter: that prompted a sharp response from the u.s. >> it sounds just frankly delusional. it only underscores how unfit he is to lead and how disconnected he is from reality. >> reporter: the u.s. is repositioning naval and air forces in case the president orders military action. a destroyer is making its way northward through the suez canal into the med terrainian today. both the u.s. aircraft carrier enterprise and sersarge are standing by in the red sea. nato could fly out of air bases in italy or from ships. but military experts warn a no-fly zone wouldn't stop gadhafi from killing civilians. >> it would not significantly change the situation in tripoli with gadhafi's revolutionary brigade crushing dissent and i
controversial issue of gay marriage. president obama said today he now believes the law which blocks the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages is unconstitutional and government lawyers will no longer defend it in court. the law does, however, remain in effect and will remain unless it's struck down. >>> chicagoans have a new mayor-elect tonight. rahm emanuel, the former white house chief of staff, former congressman, emerged from a field of six contenders to replace the legendary richard daley, racking up 55% of the vote and avoiding a runoff. he faces some major challenges there, including a big budget deficit and spiraling public pension costs. >>> when we come back here tonight, a story in the news, a tragedy in fact, now has a lot of parents of athletes worried about concussions and long-term effects. >>> later, a man who owes his success to the generosity of others is making a difference in his own right. >>> funeral services will be held saturday for an nfl veteran, dave duerson of the chicago bears, a super bowl champion, who committed suicide last week, leaving behind n
in richard's spot back in 2009, this week president obama strongly supported the dissidents and accused the regime of hypocrisy. for applauding the protests in egypt but repressing them in iran. the administration has also tried to work around iran's internet restrictions and launch twitter feeds to help the dissidents. they don't expect regime change but they think the protest could further undermine it. >> andrea mitchell on how the u.s. is dealing with this unbelievable time. andrea, thanks. >>> last night here on this broadcast we talked about food prices, around the world and here in the u.s. and tonight we have a big story out of florida related to that. this is about a natural disaster, assisted by mankind that is threatening a great american industry, the citrus crop, a huge component of the florida economy. and it's spreading. as you're about to see, while this is affecting agriculture, it's related to the economy and the housing crisis. nbc's mark potter has our report tonight from lakeland, florida. >> reporter: in central florida, citrus is huge. a $9 billion a year industry
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 71 (some duplicates have been removed)

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